About Me

Hello, my name is Sara, as you can tell from the url. I live in Austin going on 12 years now. I moved here for school and never really wanted to leave. Well, except maybe to go back to California if the prices went down a bit.

I am a dabbler in the arts. Mostly I work in clay, I can't really draw or paint but get by when it is required. I was on a craft show in 2005 on HGTV called Crafters Coast to Coast, where I made tile boxes and clay piggies for the show. I love to teach people how to make things more than I like mass producing one thing to sell.

I love fantasy art. Some of my favorite artists include Brian Froud, Alan Lee, John Jude Palencar, Charles Vess and John Picacio. My first art book was Faeries when I was 10 and have collected art and books on the subject since then.

I read a lot fantasy, not much science fiction although there are a few authors I will read when they have something new out. Usually my favorites have humor involved or are not the average fantasy story. My favorites include books by Christopher Moore, James Morrow, Gregory Maguire, Anne Bishop, Sharon Shinn, and Robin Hobb.

If you need to contact me it is sara at sarafelix.com.