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Sara and Neil Gaiman at ArmadilloCon in 1999 (taken by Shane Cook)



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Wow two posts this month! It is record for the year I think....

So here is the dilemna. What to get the bf for Christmas this year.... First I got him one of those imported mini remote control cars before they were everywhere. That was cool, since it was the same type of car that he had at the time. And every once in a while it is dusted off to drive the cat wild.

Then there was the remote control tank that shoots plastic bbs. That was also a fun cat chaser. (Anyone see the pattern? A lot of cool remote control vehicles)

He went out and bought the remote control airplane. So that's out. But now we have a fleet of cool remote control thingies.

So what will be on the Christmas list this year? I don't know. I am really stumped this time.

posted by Sara at 4:31 PM

OCTOBER 26th. That is the day. That is when Crafter's Coast to Coast shows my segment. Of course that is what they told me. Is it up yet? Nope.

posted by Sara at 4:23 PM


Okay I have been hiding..... sort of. I have been playing with my new site a lot and neglecting my old one.

Some things I have been up to:

ArmadilloCon this year was a lot of fun. This was the second year I was the in the art show, and I sold pretty much every piece I expected to. I did pretty good, better than last year, which is the most important thing. October I will be in the art show for LinuCon here in Austin. That should be interesting. I think this show's art theme (for my table) will be penguins in space. The gift baskets were a huge hit at ArmadilloCon!

Pratchett display. I recently finished the layout and design of the Pratchett display for WorldCon in Boston this year. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the convention, but Willie was able to make it, and so he got to decipher all my notes and drawings. It sounds like it was pretty well received at the convetion, which makes all that work worth it. I should have a page up soon devoted to the display.

I will be attending WorldFantasy this year. Not in the art show, just because I haven't really been able to attend a major convention for a while. And it looks like it will be a good one, a lot of my favorite authors will be there, which is always a plus. And flying to Phoenix is cheap which I like.

posted by Sara at 10:47 AM


For those who don't know, I am going to be on a craft show, and they are filming tomorrow at the house. I will let everyone know when it will air.

posted by Sara at 11:44 AM


I was reading Neil Gaiman's weblog this morning and thought this was really fun, Shopping lists of the stars!

posted by Sara at 11:47 AM


Okay so there is yet another blog in town. This one is my crafting blog. It has projects I have recently finished and also ordering information if I choose to sell anything.

And of course my first attempt to use Moveable Type. A nice little blogging application.

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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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My ebay auctions
My wands inspired by the Dark Crystal.

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