Convention Projects

I have been working on conventions since 1999, which I know is not a long time compared to some. I have been working on ArmadilloCon since 1999 doing a number of different roles, publicity, program book, guest liaison. My favorite job, which I do every year, is making gift baskets for the convention.

Making gift baskets you say?!? Well you would be suprised how much people like getting the baskets. They are fun to make with quite a number of fun interesting stuff every year. Some of the things included: ArmadilloCon soap, handmade armadillo fabric, wine charms, origami armadillos, convention pins, and of course the non handmade bits, books by other author guests, tshirts, beer, snacks, and the list goes on.

Another thing I like to make is pins for the guests. These have been made from a number of different things, air dry clay, polymer clay, shrink plastic, and bottle caps and resin.

This page is for the many projects I have created for our local convention. Hopefully you can take some of these ideas and use them to make your own convention goodies.

Crafty Con Projects: (Links will be coming soon)

Big convention projects:

  • Program Book for 2006 World Fantasy Convention (Head of Publications)
  • Guest of honor display for WorldCon 2005
  • ConMisterio Program Book 2006
  • ArmadilloCon Program Book 1999?