The Art

My name is Sara Felix and I work generally in resin, clay and paper on a number of different surfaces with a number of different mediums. I use a lot of acrylic paint as well as alcohol ink and metal patinas.

Fabrics for the girls

After seeing this kickstarter I got an email from Spoonflower and there in the email was the winner of one of their recent challenges, a steampunk octopus fabric that I knew I needed to have.  The fabric that won got me thinking about dresses I could make for the girls instead of waiting for the […]

Erin’s Peacock Halloween Costume- Tutu

Originally I wasn’t sure if Erin was going to put on her costume.  She is just getting over her dislike of hats so I was excited to try one out for Halloween.  In the afternoon I put on the outfit to snap a few pictures thinking if she didn’t wear it trick or treating it […]

Presentation for ArmadilloCon- Bookcovers

Since people were asking…. and I missed my panel.  Here is the presentation I prepared for the Book Covers from 2014 panel.  My slides have a mix of 2013 and 2014 covers.  I cut out a few of the pieces I was going to originally present so it was a bit shorter.  I love the […]


Welcome to the redesigned website.  I have made this more of a portfolio site with my jewelry and robots the stars of the show.  I will slowly get up new pieces as time permits, but in the meantime you can click on the pieces here to see more detail. When traveling to shows I typically […]