2022 Art

2022 was a big focus on tiaras. I had two guest of honor spots in 2022, Boskone and Astronomicon. Was (still is) the head of Publications for Glasgow in 2024 and we released PR0 and won the vote! I edited a Journey Planet Crafting During Covid with James and Chris.

I created the Pendant Project or Sketches in Ink. I am fascinated by artist’s sketchbooks and I never have felt my art translates well into a sketchbook. I started using a black paper for a background or medium to place pendant blanks while decorating the piece. Soon I had filled a whole sketchbook. Once the pendants were sealed I bundled the background art with the pendant at Boskone where I revealed the project.

Pendant and “Sketch”

I discovered Nara black paper in round. So many space doodles resulted from that discovery! I was able to show them off at my first Eastercon last year.

For Glasgow 2024 we had a few logos we launched and a gin and tartan! Never thought that I would add textile designer to my list of skills! Glasgow has been a thrill to work on and I can’t wait till the convention is here! Crowning of the Cons continues with a lovely tiara inspired by Glasgow and Chicon!

Finally the tiaras! Another year of making tiaras! Week after week Tiara Tuesday is an amazing and fun ride! I have done so many different styles of tiaras from ones inspired by Kpop to ones made from doll size liquor bottles! Then for Armadillocon I created tiaras for each of the guests as a gift to them. Thank you all for your support in this! The Ukrainian tiara raised over $1000 dollars for a Ukrainian charity and I couldn’t have done it without yall!

Thank you all for all your support, this year has some cool things in the works tat I can’t wait to show to you!