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2021 art

This year was an interesting one. I created quite a bit of art which hung on the walls in the craft room until cons could start up again. And finally they did and all the art went away. Thank you for all the continued support!

I did a few fanzine covers that weren’t used yet. But this Askance was released!

Cover for Askance 52

I created over 50 tiaras this year. Here are just a few.

I was guest of honor at Marcon this year, and was supposed to be guest of honor at Astronomicon but that got moved to 2022. I displayed the cover for the program book at Discon.

Astronomicon cover

I created the Lodestar award this year and the nominee pins as well.

Nominee pins for the Lodestar award

So much Glasgow art! I created the crowning of the cons tiara for Discon this year as well as so many fun holiday logos.

Holiday logos for Glasgow 2021
Sara wearing the Glasgow/Discon Crowning of the Cons tiara

2020 Art

2020 has been an interesting year for me art wise with a lot of growth and a new direction. Last year I discovered alcohol inks and my use of the technique has grown in leaps and bounds. Then the pandemic hit and I had a hard time feeling motivated to create at all until I delved into Tiara Tuesday. I have created over 40 tiaras this year, one a week since April plus a few more for other projects and commissions.

The tiaras have helped me explore techniques I have learned in the past and really have given me an outlet for creating with abandon. I love the exploration in each of them with different themes and mediums.

I have shown a lot of art online on the Concellation FB page as well as at virtual conventions. Have done spin art and mailed it to the people who chose the colors, did tiara demos and even started my own YouTube channel. This has seriously kept me from doom scrolling everyday and art is such.a great outlet. Here are some of the pieces that I have done this year.

A few recent tiaras

I created a tiara for Glasgow 2024 commemorating ConZealand which was a giveaway for Glasgow at the convention.

Glasgow 2024 ConZealand tiara

For CoNZealand I also created the pins for the Young Adult/Lodestar award. They went directly to the nominees and winner so weren’t shared on my website but they should be mentioned.

2020 Lodestar award pins

As a fan artist I have worked on a number of fanzines including editing a Journey Planet called Pen and Ink. I created a cover for the fanzine BEAM, as well as provided art for a story for Space Squid (

Beam 15 cover
Journey Planet Pen and Ink

2019 Art

2019 was an amazing year. I was the art director for the Dublin Worldcon but also created so much art. I was a Hugo finalist. I created awards, and layout and logos and just so much art-y goodness!

This page is devoted to some of the art projects I worked on this year.

Published art:

Journey Planet 47 cover

“A movement through space”
Art for Anthology- A Larger Reality:
Header for Lulzine-
Cover for Progress Report #5 for Dublin 2019. Final image had the logo with the green portal.


I created two awards- The Lodestar Award and the Committee award. With the Lodestar I also created the pins for the nominees.

Lodestar Award without the winner listed. Wood, resin and stain.
Fancy pins for the nominees.
Committee Award- Resin, pigments, wood, and ink. Dublin provided the harp.

Hugo Base 2018

Closeup of Hugo Base

After MidAmeriCon II I didn’t think I would be working on a Hugo base anytime soon.  But right after the convention a month later I was Fan Guest of Honor at Fencon in Texas.  And like one does I was taking a break in the bar talking to Vincent Villafranca and some other friends.  Elizabeth  McCarty mentioned she wanted a sculpture to put on my Hugo base and that started Vincent and I down the path of collaborating on the base.

As Vincent and I were both from California, we thought it would be fitting to work on a base for Worldcon 76 in San Jose.  So we threw around some ideas of concepts and settled using the Lick Observatory as inspiration for the base.

Early in designing

Vincent came to Austin and we spent an afternoon creating figures for the base.  We thought creating robots looking into telescopes around the observatory would be interesting and so we sat down and started sculpting.  Once we had a few figures created we talked about layout and a general idea of where the figures will fit on the base.

The telescopes were beads that I had that I used as hats for my other robots.

Day of sculpting

Once we were done Vincent left me some clay to create more figures and once I was done I mailed him my robots to create molds and figure out the final layout on the base.

After the molding was done, Vincent sent me some shots of the base and we agreed on the layout of all the figures on the base itself.

He then had the hard part of making the molds and creating the bronzes.

And I may be biased but I think they are pretty amazing.

Image created for Hugo base video

The Art

My name is Sara Felix and I work generally in resin, clay and paper on a number of different surfaces with a number of different mediums. I use a lot of acrylic paint as well as alcohol ink and metal patinas.


Welcome to the redesigned website.  I have made this more of a portfolio site with my jewelry and robots the stars of the show.  I will slowly get up new pieces as time permits, but in the meantime you can click on the pieces here to see more detail.

When traveling to shows I typically have more jewelry than robots because it is just plain easier to travel with jewelry and ship.  But I will be working to get some more stock of robots to sell on Etsy in the next few months for those who like to buy those as well.  I have started making more shadow boxes of the robots which are a bit easier to wrap and ship to shows.

Note to self, add etsy to the site….