2021 art

This year was an interesting one. I created quite a bit of art which hung on the walls in the craft room until cons could start up again. And finally they did and all the art went away. Thank you for all the continued support!

I did a few fanzine covers that weren’t used yet. But this Askance was released!

Cover for Askance 52

I created over 50 tiaras this year. Here are just a few.

I was guest of honor at Marcon this year, and was supposed to be guest of honor at Astronomicon but that got moved to 2022. I displayed the cover for the program book at Discon.

Astronomicon cover

I created the Lodestar award this year and the nominee pins as well.

Nominee pins for the Lodestar award

So much Glasgow art! I created the crowning of the cons tiara for Discon this year as well as so many fun holiday logos.

Holiday logos for Glasgow 2021
Sara wearing the Glasgow/Discon Crowning of the Cons tiara