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Fabrics for the girls

octopuslovestoryAfter seeing this kickstarter I got an email from Spoonflower and there in the email was the winner of one of their recent challenges, a steampunk octopus fabric that I knew I needed to have.  The fabric that won got me thinking about dresses I could make for the girls instead of waiting for the kickstarter to finish.  So here I post a few links to some fun fabrics that are not too girly and are not pink!

Octopuses in Love:  The fabric I saw that started me wanting to make dresses.

Under the sea: Octopuses, fishes, seahorses and submarines… how can you go wrong?

Magical Universe:  Had to add this one in for my love of science fiction and fantasy art. The colors are girly but you have to be close up to see what is printed on the fabric.

Ed Emberley fabrics:  Okay I grew up on Ed Emberley art books and while my daughters might not like to draw as much as I do I loved his doodle-y style.

Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus: Another one of Erin’s favorites she is really into the app and hasn’t discovered the books yet.

Image taken from email… see all the winners here!