Spin Art and Other Convention Demos

WIth the pandemic I have been doing more demos and FB live events. Some of the events are basic crafting techniques, or alcohol ink painting, spin art, and tiara demos.

My Youtube channel features some of my newest tiara videos.

I also started a Patreon for these types of projects.

This is what I wrote about it on Facebook:

I have often thought about how cool it would be to have an art fund. Money to support projects I think are cool. I am sure you have realized that I am the type of person who wants to DO ALL THE THINGS. I like making art, but ultimately one of the things I enjoy the most is to make art an experience. A number of people have told me the interesting thing about the art I do is the continuous progression I have in my chosen medium. EVOLUTION is a definite theme in my own art. Not in a specific piece but how the art is continually evolving as I learn new things.

I have always been the type of person who enjoys getting new toys to play with. And ultimately I want to explore what those toys can do and the art with they can make with others. I find interactive stuff the coolest projects to work on. Tiara Tuesday and the related giveaway is fun because people are genuinely happy and want to share in the EXCITEMENT. The spinart is entertaining to do live and who knows how it will turn out!
THIS. This is what I love. I mean come on when the cement balloon broke a lot of y’all were invested in seeing what would happen. 🙂 I don’t always succeed in what I am attempting but it is definitely fun to watch. 

So this is why I created a Patreon. Not to support my main art, but to support these projects to share the fun of EXPLORATION. Spinart, tiaras, maybe even a cool interactive display at a worldcon. I spend the money to do these things on a smaller scale because I enjoy it but could use a little help now and then. And ultimately I can do more with more people pitching in to do great things.