2019 Art

2019 was an amazing year. I was the art director for the Dublin Worldcon but also created so much art. I was a Hugo finalist. I created awards, and layout and logos and just so much art-y goodness!

This page is devoted to some of the art projects I worked on this year.

Published art:

Journey Planet 47 cover

“A movement through space”
Art for Anthology- A Larger Reality: http://alargerreality.mx/2019/
Header for Lulzine- https://lulzine.net
Cover for Progress Report #5 for Dublin 2019. Final image had the logo with the green portal.


I created two awards- The Lodestar Award and the Committee award. With the Lodestar I also created the pins for the nominees.

Lodestar Award without the winner listed. Wood, resin and stain.
Fancy pins for the nominees.
Committee Award- Resin, pigments, wood, and ink. Dublin provided the harp.

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