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2023 Art

This year has been a whirlwind. Conquest and Minicon Artist Guest of Honor happened! More Journey Planet art! Tiaras! Fun with Glasgow! Jewelry pieces!

So first, there is the Minicon art. This was the shirt and front of the program book. The cool thing is they used 5 different images for the badges as well.

Of course there were tiaras! Glasgow tiaras, Halloween tiaras! Moth tiaras! World Fantasy Chair tiaras! Here is a small sampling. 🙂

I did some art for Journey Planet and Drink Tank. Here are two of the covers. The Hugo one is a favorite.

Glasgow always needs its own section…. I have done so many logos, tiaras, tartans and other art! But this year I did another tiara, the gin was released, and of course my space armadillo fabric.

And finally, there is just my general art I have created and shown this year.

Oh oh wait… there is more! New logo for Belfast Eastercon and LA Bid for 2026.

Whew. So much fun art!